It was quiet as I ran down the streets of New York city, through alleys and practically every inch of the city i could get my feet on. All i can hear is the thud of my feet, the occasional splash of a puddle, and my breath. Panting from exhaustion, excitment, and fear. All voices were blocked out. All except mine. every turn, every corner i went around was anlother memory from my childhood. So real i could actually feel the pain, torment and saddness.

A force hit me and broke me of the hyptnoses. I hadnt been paying attention to my surroundings and had run into a high school boy. He had Blonde hair, blue eyes and a sad expression.I could tell it wasnt normally how he was because the expression didnt fit his face. He was alone which was weird at this time of day because school was just getting out. I noticed that when it does most guys and girls hang out at the mall. Guy: to see hot girls walk by and maybe catch a glimpse of their butt that was hanging out of their way to short shorts. Girls: to walk by hot guys and show off their butts that were hanging out of their way to short shorts. but something was seriously different about him. Im not saying that hes retarded or that im in love with him…though he is a hottie:3 But he was different like…like me. Im part demon. I have black demon wings and in sunlight they look dark purple. red eyes and purple hair with a couple bright red streaks. All of it natural which would be weird for a normal human. And i have a british accent. He reminds me kinda of a dog. Its probably just my longing for someone else like me thats making me think things that arent true.

“Sorry, my bad” i said nervously as i turned to keep walking around him when he grabbed my arm.

“Why were you running? You looked scared. Is someone chasing you?” I was surprised by how nice he was. And it might be just me but his voice was so perfect, so smooth like every word he had said he was trying not to sing.

“No, Im fine I just felt like i needed a little excersise.” (That was so corny i cant believe i said that(-_-‘) ) Unlike my voice right then which was studdery and high pitched because i was nervous…still dont know why. He could tell i was uncomfortable. But ofcourse who wouldnt. His face expression became softer along with his voice which i didnt think could get any friendlier.

“You remind me of someone, whats your name?” he asked. I had just gotten to ney york a couple days ago and had never seen him before. but i wasnt going to rude.

“Brin” i replied then i felt the heat rush to my cheeks. OMG i hope im not blushing!!!

“Does your last name happen to be Slate? Brin Echo Slate?”OMG!OMG!OMG! now im really freaking out. how does he know who i am? i just met him today..i think i might have known when i was younger but i didnt have any blonde friends. Really i didnt have any friends at all.

“Uh…How do you know who I am?” I cant believe this is happening. I wanted to believe it, wanted to be happy about it. That there was someone out there lke me and who knew me but for some reason i wasnt.

“Follow me” he said his hand still on my arm as he dragged me into an alley and in between 2 dumpsters. Oh god this is it. Hes been following me this entire time and now he wants to rape or murder me. But thats not wat he did. A ligh flash and next thing i knew i was staring at a guy with wolf ears and tail. white ones to be presise. I couldnt take my eyes off him. I knew something was different about him.But if he was like that then he was either part of team element or team nightfall. The idea that he could be part of team element made me get up and back away.

“Who are you?” i asked it was weird but i wanted to know.”And what team are you on?”

“Im Blake Ryder, middles names Draven. and dont worry im on your side.” Im guessing that meant team nightfall.

“Oh” i said. Mostly because there ws nothing else i could say.Not that i knew what i would say if i could say anything.

“What about you still have your wings?” he asked. The looked alone on his face would make you answer any question.

“You still havent said how you knew who i was.” i replied. I want gonna give in to him. not that easily.

“You dont know? You and Ratchet were like famous to team element being as you got out of  Team Elements boudaries alive. You dont know how hard eam nightfall fought to get you to back if it were anyone else they said they wouldnt do it. Which makes e wonder whats so special about you that people that didnt even know you risked there lives for you 2, som even lost there lives.” When i was little mine and my brother ratchets parents died. Well we dont really know that for sure. But when they did we got mixed up with Team Elements Children that were up for adoption. when Team element found out they went crazy with us. forced us to do every such thing amaginable that they didnt want to do then at the end of the day some of them would do really bad stuff to us i rather not say. We hardly got to eat. When we did something wrong they wouldnt beat us, they would cut our lips wrists or feet and make thins more difficult for us just so they could do it again and see us in pain.Then one day we escaped somehow and came out alive. But we got seperated now i dont know if hes alive or dead now either.

“Really? I didnt kow hat part. So what happened to you why are you hear and not there?” I wanted him to talk for a little while. I dont think i could take much more of thinking about my past.

“My parents got a job for a big company even though they dont have to do anything for it. They are making alot of money so they decided they didnt want to waste it in the team. So they got there talent takin away…on there own will. They made me but instead of going in to do it i ran away for as long as it would take then came back and said i had gotten it done but i didnt. They still dont know not that ill see them in person long enough to tell them anyway. They are always out on cruises or vacations. Traveling the world with there money. While im stuck here with a nanny hardly knowing who they are anymore, actually i dont know who they are anymore.”

“Oh, Im sorry. I kinda know how you feel.”

“Well at least you have your brother to love. I have no one.” this was the first time in a long time i have ever felt bad for anyone else other then me. It was different but i could live with it.

“Actually blake I dont know where ratchet is or even if hes still alive. We got seperated when we were escaping. He said it was for the better and we would meet up at the lake right out side the boundaries i got there first and waited for 2 days and he never showed up. If i knew that was gonna happen i would never have left him.”

“well we’re both in a tight spot” he said”so youve been on your own ever since? how do you get food money and how do you travel ???”he asked.

“well i steal ids and money and credit cards which i use to buy things and i vandilize cars to get around quicker. And im wanted for more then that.”i have to say im pretty good at what i do not to be caught yet.

“Haha nice! Wish i could be like you and be on my own it sounds fun when you know what your doing. Where are you going exactly?”He asks lots and lots of questions good thing he cute.

“I dont really know now i came here from coacoa beach florida because it just felt right. Guess my instincts were leading to you.”

“Cool. If i come with will teach me how you do what you do?”

“your asking to come with me?”

“yea wherever your going i wanna go to” Ah what the heck a little company wont do me any harm!


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