She was late. I had been waiting for 30 minutes for her. She said she would meet me the same place same time yesterday to talk about where we would go after i ran away because we couldnt stay in the same place. But she stood me up.

I got up and turn to walk away but didt make it but 10 feet when she came runnning from the other direction. I recognized her from the thud of her boots. But i didnt turn around to see if it was actually her. I was kinda mad.

“Blake, wait up!” She screamed. “Look im really sorry im late i was trying to figure out where to go and time slipped by and im really really sorry.” I knew it wasnt like her to say sorry. But then again i was the only one she knew of that was like her so i realized how bad she wouldnt want to lose me. So i loosened up a little bit.

I turned back around but before i did i gave her a little smile. Then she got confused.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Im waiting for you to stop being so seriouse. I mean you dont have to get me away in the woods alone with you so quickly do you?” I said teasingly. Her hands tightened around the sides of the map and she looked annoyed and embarassed all mixed up in one. I turned again to walk away.

“Same time same place tomorrow and dont you dare work on the map alone. Well do it together.”


His face was full of satidfaction as he walked away. My hands still tight on the sides of the map i walked away. Back to the little abandoned shop i was staying ni while i was here. I tried to do what he asked and not work on the map.He was right i didnt need to get him out there so quikly we had as much time as we needed but for some reason i really wanted to get out of new york. I figured we could either start heading back to florida or to illonoise. But i was going to tell him that i was just gonna mention it like i just came up with it so he didnt know i had thought about the map and where to go and stuff.

I wonder about him and whether i really want him to come or not. I did but i didnt. It would be a mager change for me to actually have someone to talk to other then myself. I like talking to him though hes a real pain sometimes. I dont know what it is about him. Or maybe its just me.

“”Same place same time tomorrow and dont you dare work on the map. Well do it together.”” Why did the word together bother me? Is it just the fact of me working with someone or was it just him? Im so confusedat this point. it was only 4:30 and i fell asleep.


I was running again just like i had done when i ran into blake. But instead of memories i saw me dieing in every way possible. My fear is dieing. Because im a demon im supposed to go to the devil. But i dont want to. And im scared of what god thinks of me if hell take me even though im a demon or not. I want to be forgiven. But im scared i wont be because of what i am.

Then i bolted upright and ran outside the back door of the store. I needed to sit outside for a little while. to get some fresh air. It was some time around 6 in the morning and i had the rest of the day to kill before i had to meet blake again. But this time i was really looking forward to it. To have someone to talk to instead of being alone. I didnt realize how boring and dull being alone was till just now. And i dont want to ever be alone again. I used to not be scared like i am right now.The sun was just coming up so it wasnt dark. But for some reason i was scared for the second time in my life. other then the entire time we were in team element. I grabbed my ipod. Music always seemed to calm me down. Except for when monster by skillet comes on first. Thats exacty what i feel like. A monster. I didnt change the song i just took the headphones out of my ears and let the song play on inside the ipod because i didnt want to hear it. And i wasnt planning on looking down at the ipod to turn it off.

…Now i feel stupid. What am i doing being scared of a dream. It was a dream. Something like that cant hurt or break me. And a song that has no meaning to what i am. Thats not what i am. Yeah i steal, lie, and sometimes hurt people but it dosnt mean i dont care. I do care, but i have to do that to survive. Im not going to let a song and a dream break me just like that. Im unbreakable.


“What are you doing home so late Blake?” By the time i got home it was 4:30. I hadnt told Dory about staying a little later after school.”Did you get in trouble or something? At school?”

“No miss.Dory, Im fine im going to be staying a little later after school the next couple of days.”

“Why is that?” she asked questioningly. I didnt answer but turnedaround and went to my room. I realized i would have to pack some stuff for when i run away. I grabbed my old back pack and put my school stuff in that. Then i put a couple pairs of clothes shoes wallet with some money out of the safe plus whatever was on my credit and debit cards.My ipod and laptop went in the back of the bag. I put my phone in the side pocket and shoved the bag in the back of my closet praying Dory wouldnt find it. Or wonder why i was useing my old one. I would probably just say i needed a change for a bit but i would switch back. Which would be the day i leave.Ill act like im going to school but instead meet brin in the alley. I turned around and youll never guess who is outside my window.


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