“Heeey Blake, sorry im here so early but if your coming we need to head out like right now!!!”

“Why?” He asked. “Whats the rush?”

“Well the place i was staying at was for sale and i didnt know it an when i went back inside there were cops going through my stuff and those sirens you hear right now are for me so if you could just come on like now that would be fantastic!!!!” i panicked. I realized he had to pack his stuff. But then he pull a bookbag out of his closet just like that and said lets go. I smiled. Maybe he could make it ithis world alone. He seemed to now what to do and when to do it. Must be in his blood.Together we jumped out of the window onto crunchy brown grass and darted for the woods behind his house. They werent very big i knew because he lived right outside of ny, ny. B ut i had to go back.

“Wait!” i yelled. And i turned in the direction of the store. I had to get my stuff if it was still there. He followed without a question for once. My chunky boots didnt do well for running through the woods around trees over stumps and roots. I pushed a branch out of the way of my face and not being used to othe people behind let it swing back. It caught blake on the cheek and forehead.I turned back. Blood was streaming down his face. “Im fine. keep running.” he said. I grabbed his sleeve. i was making sure i didnt leave without him. The shade of the trees suddenly dissapeared and hot pavement stared back at us. We were at the back of the row of little shops. I ran into the door so hard it came off its hinges. A shearing pain split through my shoulder as i bent down to gather my stuff. I slung my bag over my shoulder which caused it to start thudding. Along with my head and my heart. Blake seemed to read my mind he was already waiting at the front door of the store for me.We bolted out and up the sidewalk. Knocking people over and being shouted at. Horns honked as we crossed the street and into the alley we were at just yesterday. But we didnt stop this time we kept running our hearts pounding the entire time. My breath was getting short and so was his. We entered a building and starting to bolt up stairs. I tripped and fell down 6 or 7 steps scrapping my knee and elbow also hitting my head on the bar. I didnt want to move after that. I was so tired. Blake grabbed me and forced me to my feet. We kept going up and up and up. I heard the police. They sounded like they were right behind us dogs were barking, sirens blaring, cops yelling, and the thud of my heart my feet and my head was to much for me. I stopped there was only a couple steps left to go. Blake dragged me up them then opened the door and bright sunlight poored in. The filthy dank air in the stairwell was worse then i thought. The fresh air seemed to revive me. Blake looked at me and i knew what he ment. We started running for the side of the building. it was getting closer and closer. He was infront of me. He jump up feet landing on the ledge then he jumped off i did the same except in a flash snapped out my wings. I caught blake under the arms and held his body close to mine. Then i heard cameras going off and bullets coming from guns. I couldnt look back i had to keep going. I can fly at 150 mph so i got outof bullet range pretty quick with nothing but a hole in my leg. A bruise on my head and shoulder, and a scrape on my knee and elbow. I wanted nothing more then to land and fall asleep as soon as i hit the ground but i had to keep flying. And i didnt stop until i was in south carolina.Then i was truly exhuasted. I thought my wings were gonna buckle and send us plumeting to or deaths. the air was hot and dry and i felt disgusting. My hair was plastered to my face. Sweat was literally falling of my body landing on some poor soul down on the ground who probably thinks its a stray cloud that has a little rain left in it. When i finally landed we landed in the woods where it was shady. There werent many stores or people around because it was beside an enterstate I-95 is what it said on a sign.There was a small gas station across the street blake had pointed out and had volunteered to go get some water and bandages. Being as i couldnt walk anyway.I hadnt notice how much the bullet hole hurt till we got out of the air. My entire leg was a dark red from blood. I was nausous and tired from the lack of blood. Good thing i have more then a normal human. They probably would have been dead by now. I peeked out from behind the bush. Blake was making his way back aross the street with a bag in his hand. I closed my eyes thinking it would be ok for a couple minutes. The last thing i heard was blake screaming”No no no no dont fall asleep!!!!” It was to late. I passed out.


“Oh my god what now?” I ask myself. She had fallen asleep, that wasnt good with the amount of blood she was loosing. I took out a bottle of water and started to slowly pour it on her leg. I was washing the blood off and cleaning out the wound. Her leg twitched so i knew she was aware of her surroundings which is a good thing. She was just kinda in a comatose. Then started to wrapp the bandage around her calf. Her eyes started to flutter.She was coming too. But i didnt want her to. I wanted to watch her sleep. Just a little bit longer. I wanted to tell her how i felt. But i knew it was to soon. And i hadnt seen love on her list of things to find lately.


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