I was only out for a minute or 2 because i could feel blake pooring water and wrapping my leg with bandages. I wanted to thank him but something felt different. He was acting weird. He didnt say anything when i woke up just looked down, then off in the distance, then down again like he felt uncomfortable. “You okay?” I asked him and he just knodded. But that wasnt gonna fly for me.”Dont knod. TELL me your okay and then ill beleive you. I wanna hear your voice.” Now i had done it. ‘I wanna hear your voice’…What was i thinking. This is sooo unlike myself its starting to scare me. Ive only known the kid for about three days and im already acting like a lovesick idiot. I felt my cheeks get hot but more because of being mad at myself then being embarrased. Maybe it was because i hit my head on that rail while climbing up those steps. I wish it was. Then i realized he never responded to what i said so i looked at him and caught him looking back at me questioningly. We both looked back down feeling akward. The falling sun and all its romantic colors didnt help the situation at all. I shoved my earbuds in my ears and forced myself to fall asleep hoping that i wouldnt dream that night. but ofcourse i did. Except this time not of me dieing. This time it was blake.


Finally she had fallen asleep. The only time shes at peace is when shes asleep. the rest of her life is nothing but a complete rush. Is this how its going to be between us? Travel all day, make short and weird conversations then sleep? Im gonna have to change this whether she likes it or not. She plane out said she wanted to hear my voice. I know she has that funny feeling in her stomach to and that what she says isnt what she would normally say because of that feeling. I wish she would just tell me. She has more guts then i do but i guess we’re both clueless when it comes to love. Ill probably end up saying something to her if she dosnt accidentally say anything by the end of tomorrow. Maybe. If i dont chicken out. Crap, what am i saying i think i know myslef better then anyone. I am going to chicken out. Forget it. I might as well give up now because itll never happen unless she mentions it when she goes into confession mode. Which is now what im gonna call it when she says things like ‘i wanna hear your voice’, things she dosnt mean to say. A chipping noise made me look up torward brin. But i had to squint to see her body was slowly falling to the side and soon she would hit the ground. I quietly crawled my way over to her and pushed on her shoulder to lean her back up against the tree. She stirred a little bit and i flinched. But she was practically passed out after all day of flying and having to carry my weight at the same time. She started to slip to the side again so i put my arm around her waist and she slid down on my chest. I pray to god she dosnt ever wake up because i dont want this to end. I wonder what she would do if she did wake up. If she would hold me back or jump up and run away. Guess it depends if shes in confession mode or not.


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